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Psychotherapy services are provided by Certified & Licensed Clinicians, as well as, Licensed Graduate Clinicians who are working towards obtaining licensure.

We provide compassionate confidential counseling for adolescents, individuals, married/cohabiting couples, parents, families and spiritual beings.


We also provide counseling to individuals needing to complete treatment for various reasons such as employment, legal and remedial requirements...all to help individuals overcome a range of psychological, emotional, developmental, adjustment, challenges and concerns.


We see the counseling experience as a relaxed, insightful, and educational process that can help you develop new relationships, restore connections, perspectives and skills for overall wellness. 

Counseling is a way to maintain and obtain optimal wellness in a variety of areas in our lives:

How we focus, cultivate, and use our energy can make a difference in our daily lives.

Life's Energy Wellness Center Inc. can help...

Outpatient Treatment (OT)

Life's Energy Wellness Center Inc. provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services that include but are not limited to , individual, group, and family counseling and education on wellness, recovery and resiliency. These programs may address a variety of needs, including, but not limited to  situational stressors, family relations, interpersonal relationships, mental health issues, life span issues,  psychiatric illness, and substance use disorders and other addictive behaviors.

12 Alcohol Education Program

The 12-Hour Alcohol Education Program (AEP) is an instructional program intended to provide rehabilitation for individuals convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Licensed & Certified Counselors Conduct an in-depth Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment that measures the degree of alcohol/drug use. The assessment interview will provide information related to the extent to which Alcohol and/or Drug use has interfered with activities of daily living and/or functioning. Following the review of the full Clinical Assessment a recommendation is made for the appropriate level of care. If an individual  qualifies  for enrollment in a 12-Hour (AEP) instructional program attendance of 6 consecutive 2 hour sessions must be completed to obtain a completion certificate. If you are identified as either an alcohol abuser or alcohol dependent you will be required to successfully complete the longer, 26-week Alcohol Treatment Program.If you have been required to complete an assessment and attend an (AEP) by the MVA you must provide a copy of your MVA referral letter at the time of your assessment.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Family Education & Intervention Planning

Outpatient Treatment Services

Continuing Care Services & After Care Services

DUI Treatment Program

DUI Treatment Program is separate from education designed to meet the needs of individuals with a diagnosis of alcohol and or drug use disorders that meet mild to moderate assessment criteria. Individuals will complete the assessment, then individual  treatment plan session, 1 hour groups and  1 hour individual sessions with personalized treatment planning; concluding with completion of treatment plan and  after care planning and final discharge session.

Adult Outpatient Program

The Adult Outpatient Program focuses on numerous psycho-educational topics including but not limited self-diagnosis, biological impact of addiction, defense mechanisms, co-dependency, stress reduction, living skills, medication assisted treatment therapies, recovery management tools, use of technology apps to strengthen recovery and inspire personal growth, development of a positive sober social support networks, peer support, relapse prevention. Participation requires specific individualized treatment plan  goals and objectives to be met prior to discharge. Requirements for admission include: clinical assessment, initial drug screen and breathalyzer, willingness to submit to the program’s random drug screens.

Adolescent Family Program

The program is typically a 12 week program for adolescents 12-18 years of age and their  supportive family members, caregivers, and guardians who have experienced some negative consequences from their substance use and or develop skills to manage negative symptoms of their behavioral health diagnosis. The program provides participants with tools to assist them in changing high risk behaviors and identifying negative consequences associated with substance use or misuse, broken relationships, low self esteem and build long lasting resilience. Our adolescent family program encourages  family members and other significant support systems to get involved with recovery. Requirements for admission include: clinical assessment and psychiatric evaluation.

Traditional Outpatient Mental Health Programs  & Extended Outpatient Programs

The traditional outpatient programs and extended outpatient programs provides  participants with psycho-education and therapeutic support to meet the needs of individuals diagnosed with mental illness. Program participants develop individualized long term recovery plans and obtain skills to navigate in their community settings of choice. Requirements for admission include: clinical assessment and psychiatric evaluation.

Marijuana Outpatient Treatment Program (MOTP)

LEWC Inc's Marijuana Outpatient Treatment Program (MOTP) for Adolescents and Young Adults utilizes evidenced based treatment Curriculum. MOTP is a 26 week treatment program that provides participants with Marijuana use disorder diagnosis  therapeutic support that utilizes Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and  Contingency Management. Requirements for admission include: clinical assessment and psychiatric evaluation.

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Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy


Women's Resiliency Support Group


Men's Resiliency Support Group

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Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Program

Life's Energy Wellness Center Inc. offers Individual and Family counseling for children as well as adolescents with behavioral health diagnosis, adjustment disorders, situational conflict, grief & loss, nuerocognitaive developmental disorders and developmental delays. Life's Energy Wellness Center Inc. provides evidence based treatment, social and emotional learning program curriculum that supports, teaches, and reinforces core skills. With the supportive counseling, care coordination and supportive family therapy children and adolescents develop emotional learning skills to understand the impact of unmanged emotions, positive social skill building, making healthy decisions, effective communication, bonding relationships, mindfullness sensory tools to utilize for strength based learning.Requirements for admission include: clinical assessment and psychiatric evaluation.

Enhanced Co-Occurring Treatment Program

LEWC Inc's Enhanced Co-Occurring Treatment Program is a intensive outpatient program designed to provide individuals with substance use disorder diagnosis and other behavioral health diagnosis therapeutic support, symptom management,  and recovery support services that include individual therapy,  group therapy and case management services. Participants in the Enhanced Co-Occurring Program participate in individualize care that is specific to their treatment needs. Requirements for admission include: comprehensive clinical assessment and psychiatric eval. 

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