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PRP Services

The program provides organized activities to assist individuals in recovery from behavioral health disorders to develop the emotional, social, educational, vocational and intellectual skills needed to live learn and work in the community with the least amount of professional support. Our goal is to help the individuals and families to reach independence in the community with minimal professional support.

Our activities are provided both offsite and on-site with the support of our trained psychiatric rehabilitation specialists.

Common goals of the program include:

  • Obtaining Employment and/or GED 

  • Obtaining a basic identification document 

  • Independent living skills 

  • Understanding the public assistance programs 

  • Addressing health conditions and promotion of wellness 

  • Addressing self-isolation 

  • Coping with Bereavement and Grief

  • Money and Financial Management 

  • Understanding Mental Health and Self Advocacy 

  • Recognizing and Managing signs of stress. 

  • Improving communication and social skills 

  • Yoga and medication 

  • Dance, recreation, and exercise

Referrals and Eligibility

Referrals to our program must be completed by a licensed mental health clinician. Please visit our referral page or call the office to make a referral.

For More Information Call or Text

(800) 867-2395 Press 1 to Speak with an intake specialist!

Our Program Benefits

  • Wellness recovery actions plan 

  • Small Psychoeducational groups for one-to-one interactions. 

  • Rehabilitation-focused community outings for socialization and integration. 

  • Skills for independent living 

  • Reinforcement of Psychiatric and therapy skills 

  • Coordination of Care

  • Direct one-to-one contact with workers for support with healthcare needs

  • In-home visits

  • An empathetic and understanding atmosphere.

  • Lunch/Snack at select groups.

How To Make A Referral

•A Licensed Mental Health Professional 

Can complete a referral form and provide 

Information related to the consumer being referred

Should be in collaboration with their outpatient mental 

health provider. 


•Contact our office for a referral form or digital link 

to complete and sign the referral.


•Complete the referral form in its entirety, 

Attach the mental health treatment plan, 

include mental health assessment and any relevant information regarding  the individual's emotional and behavioral functioning in all community settings. 


 •Fax referral to (410)443-0842

An intake specialist will be in contact with you within 24 hours                   

providing the status of your referral.

Serving Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families.

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